Poetical Ikebana


The combination of Ikebana and haiku results in a more than successful marriage. The similarity between the two arts goes far beyond their common Japanese origins. The seductive simplicity of the haiku, its sparse use of words and subtlety, its silences and deep grounds, its rhythms and seasons… These are only some of the characteristics that Haiku shares with Ikebana.

Wild op het bord


Ook naar het standpunt van de jager werd geluisterd. Een positieve visie op de jager, als vriend van de natuur, wordt verwoord door Frédéric Haÿez (Directeur van de Waalse afdeling van de Royal Saint-Hubert Club de Belgique). Hij heeft het over de ecologische rol van de jacht en het professionalisme van de jager. Tevens wordt aandacht besteed aan de wildkalender, de evolutie van de mentaliteit en het wildbestand, en de toekomst van de jacht.
Wild op het bord, een must voor elke fijnproever!

The quest for the black rose


The ultimate reference in every rose lover’s library! The mysterious story of a more than 4 century old quest for the black rose. Does the black rose exist, or has it ever existed? The complete history of this noble flower, based on authentic research, shows that the quest for the black rose goes back to the very earliest botanical writings. The Quest for the Black Rose is a prestigious edition of 43 by 31 centuries with splendid artistic photographs of old and contemporary roses. This utmost high-quality book also contains beautiful old colour drawings of dark roses. Prominent florists of world renown show creations with this unique flower.

For the Dutch edition, see ‘De zoektocht naar de zwarte roos’

Kobe – Ingenious simplicity


Kobe, artistic pseudonym of Jacques Saelens (1950-2014), made sculptures that flirt with two-dimensionality his trademark. His broad, thin figures hardly use the third dimension and incarnate quite a few contradictions.

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