International Floral Art 21-22


International Floral Art 2021/2022 is the result of a careful selection of top works from hundreds of world-renowned floral artists. The book is a unique source of inspiration, a sumptuous ode to nature and the boundlessness of human creativity.

More than 130 floral designers let their imagination run wild and explore the limits of craftsmanship to let us enjoy the unexpected. Both established floral artists and the new generation of top florists will amaze and seduce with spectacular creations that bear witness to a strong artistic vision, great craftsmanship and an unbridled fantasy.

International Floral Art 2021/2022, the ninth volume in the series, has once again become a collector’s item, a beautiful coffee-table book with more than 240 designs that fire the imagination.



Inspiring Ikebana is het vervolg op Exploring Ikebana, het eerste boek van de wereldberoemde ikebana-kunstenaar Ilse Beunen. Meer dan 40 prachtige ikebana-creaties, zowel in traditionele als in moderne stijl, worden rijkelijk geïllustreerd met gedetailleerde stap voor stap-foto’s van het creatieve proces. Makkelijk te volgen en met garantie op een schitterend eindresultaat!

Serial Eater – Food Design Stories


The exhibition SERIAL EATER at CID Grand-Hornu dissects thirty years of experimentation with, and reflection on, the ‘object’ of food. The analysis of Food Design, from its development in the 1990s to its implications today, makes it possible to understand changes in consumption habits and awareness of the ‘food system’.

What type of consumers are we, how do we assess our impact in today’s system and what do we accept on our plates?

Bilingual edition: French/English

Life3 – Sympathy Creativity with Flowers


In hun succesreeks Creatief met bloemen zijn Per, Max en Tomas ondertussen al toe aan hun vierde titel: Afscheid. Net zoals in hun vorige titels (BoekettenInterieur en Kerstmis) gunnen de floristen van Life3 u een blik achter de schermen. Elke florist toont zeven rouwwerken, gaande van rouwstukken en -kransen tot kistversieringen. Een bron van ideeën voor jonge professionals, maar ook voor iedereen die gepassioneerd is door florale kunst en op een passende manier afscheid wil nemen van een dierbare.

Sculptures of the Nigerian Middle Belt


The ethnographic literature of the 20th century focused mainly on the sculptural traditions of the numerous ethnic groups that populated Southern Nigeria while the more northern areas remained largely terra incognita. In 2013 Jan Strybol published a study on the sculpture of Northern Nigeria. He pointed out that in many parts of this region there are peoples who still had, at least until recently, their own sculptural tradition.

Mon Plat Pays


Jacques Brel immortalized the West Flanders hinterland; le plat pays, in more than one chanson. This flat land between the North Sea and Bruges is littered with picturesque villages such as Damme, Lissewege, Houtave or Ramskapelle. Idyllic, seemingly godforsaken places with whitewashed houses and messy farmyards.



He wanted to become a professional motocross rider, but a serious accident shattered his child- hood dream. That’s why Edwin Menue directed his ambition towards another goal: the kitchen.

Bouquets – With how-to tutorials


Bouquets is the new book in Laura Dowling’s inspiring ‘how-to’ series and builds on the premise of her successful first book Floral Diplomacy in the White House (2016), namely the idea that flowers have the power to change the way people think and feel and to create powerful emotional connections – with nature and with others, with our past and with our desires for the future.



The Swedish top florist Per Benjamin won the Swedish championships in 1997, the Scandinavian championships in 2000 and became the world champion in floral art in spring 2002.

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