In the book FRAGMENT, architect Koen Bogaert highlights in 12 articles some remarkable projects from his architectural oeuvre. Texts, drawings and photos (Liesbet Goetschalckx) are given separate pages and can not only be read separately, but also work complementarily. Thus the reader not only gets the (logical) architectural story and choices behind each individual project but also gradually gains an insight into the architect’s general philosophy and aesthetic language of form.

Some thing, some things, some thinking about dmvA


Under the label ‘styleless’, dmvA makes every possible style its own. In this way, the office immediately removes every limitation and at the same time supports the concept that timeless architecture does not exist. They act as scenario writers, transforming the programme into a screenplay, spaces into sequences and allowing the building to tell a different story every time. They are no mathematical theorists, but designers driven by emotion, commitment, art and sex, resulting in a plastic, thoroughly detailed architecture in which maximalism is achieved in a minimalist manner.

Interior One


Francois Hannes is passionate and driven by beauty. He loves the good Burgundian life. The tranquillity of a landscape, nature, but also the dynamics of a metropolis inspire and excite him. It is not the in-between that he seeks, but the extremes.

Restaurant Design.


If you Google the name Lieven Musschoot, you will read several times that the interior architect from Knok does not consider the ego of the designer to be important. Lieven Musschoot does not impose himself; on the contrary, he is a good listener, picking up on the smallest details and only translating his own vision after a careful reading of the wishes and desires. Musschoot designs total concepts, whereby he not only arranges the space, designs the furniture and the wall coverings, but even designs the type of bread baskets and table nappies. Those who work with him choose all or nothing.

Lens°Ass Architects


Seven years after his first book, Bart Lens and his team Lens°Ass show how this approach can lead to exciting projects. Formulating a concept as clearly as possible is the basis of every design. With the right choice of materials and controlled detailing, creations that radiate calm and serenity emerge. The clear use of lines strengthens the pure emotions that arise between the design and the light. The great care for the interior in all its facets is a constant preoccupation of Lens°Ass.

Conix Architecten


Conix Architects was founded in 1979 by Christine Conix and through the years has grown into a highly successful office with 55 employees in Antwerp and Brussels, led by Christine Conix, architect Sylvie Bruyninckx and interior designer An Steylaerts.

Hiroyuki Oka. Monograph


Perfection, symmetry, detail, patience, focus, precision, passion… these are just a few of the concepts that spontaneously spring to mind when we talk about Japanese floral art. It is also these characteristics that ensure that Japanese floral artists remain in a league of their own.