Poetical Ikebana

The combination of Ikebana and haiku results in a more than successful marriage. The similarity between the two arts goes far beyond their common Japanese origins. The seductive simplicity of the haiku, its sparse use of words and subtlety, its silences and deep grounds, its rhythms and seasons… These are only some of the characteristics that Haiku shares with Ikebana.

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Both Ikebana and Haiku touch a sensitive chord. They have the power to evoke emotions with material from which the superfluous has been carefully pruned away to reveal the essence. Both arts succeed in holding our gaze for a moment, temporarily slowing down our daily rhythm and inviting us to see more than what the visible world has to offer.
Led by Hedwig Aerts, members of the Poetry Centre Ghent selected their personal favourites from the rich collection of historical haiku. Besides this work by the grandmasters, they also created new poetic work especially for this edition. The cream of the international ikebana world has interpreted the haiku, resulting in a surprising and varied collection that will be enjoyed by floral artists and poetry lovers alike.

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