All Belgian Beers, Alle Belgische Bieren, Toutes les bières belges

Belgians are proud of their beer and rightly so!  This third revised and updated edition of the iconic beer bible ‘All Belgian Beers’ proves once again that Belgium still lives up to its reputation as a beer country.

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Since the last update in 2011, more than 600 new beers were introduced. In this third edition, the mythical cape of 1600 Belgian beers is easily exceeded. All these IPAs, stouts, fruit beers, tripels, blond, amber and brown beers… can be discovered in this monumental bestseller.

All Belgian Beers’ offers an alphabetical list of all beers brewed by recognised Belgian brewers (for hire) for their own range of products or for beer companies. As in previous editions, each beer is briefly described and portrayed with the accompanying glass. Both the beers of large concerns and those of artisanal (home) brewers are discussed, insofar as they are bottled and offered for sale. Distribution brands brewed by order of supermarkets and label beers are deliberately not included in this publication. Occasional beers are represented to a limited extent.

This new edition of ‘All Belgian Beers’ allows you to discover many new gems and is still the most complete and indispensable guide to the Belgian beer landscape.