Jan Cox-EN – Living one’s art

Jan Cox (1919-1980) was born in The Hague and spent his youth in Amsterdam. Shortly before the Second World War he moved with his parents and brother, composer Harry Cox, to Antwerp and studied art history at Ghent University.

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After the war, he settled in Brussels. There, he was co-founder of Jeune Peinture Belge and also had contacts with Cobra. In this period, his lasting friendship with Pierre Alechinsky and Hugo Claus also came about. In 1956, he went to the United States, where he was head of the painting department of the school of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In 1974 he found a new home in the circle around gallery De Zwarte Panter in Antwerp. Jan Cox considered his artistry as an artistic and humanistic project. He painted surreal and magical scenes but also numerous haunting expressionist works. He chose classical themes: Orpheus, Homer’s Iliad, Judith and Holofernes, the Passion of Christ, in which autobiographical references merge with general human problems. They invite the viewer to reflect on the human condition, the hopes and terrors of the modern world.