Les / The Tshokwe


The Tshokwe are a major people of Central Africa who have been present for six centuries on the borders of Zambia, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their structured social organization gave them a military and commercial advantage. 

Thanks to this dominant position, they have developed an artistic heritage which gradually became their main identity factor. 

Today, there are two million Tshokwe, half of whom reside in Congo DRC. The people continue to assert their desire to exist through their culture. And the power of their art is internationally recognized. 


This reference work allows us to discover the daily life of the Tshokwe but also their crafts, the symbolism of their masks, the power of their rites and the fervor of their popular festivals. It makes us understand how their attachment to tradition helps them to chart a course for the future. 

Author Angelo Turconi has spent over fifty years photographing the artworks, culture and traditions of the DRC.

192 pagina’s

33,5 x 24 cm, hard cover

Mon Plat Pays


Jacques Brel immortalized the West Flanders hinterland; le plat pays, in more than one chanson. This flat land between the North Sea and Bruges is littered with picturesque villages such as Damme, Lissewege, Houtave or Ramskapelle. Idyllic, seemingly godforsaken places with whitewashed houses and messy farmyards.

Paris Revisited


Les Brasseries de Paris, the first volume in Henk van Cauwenbergh’s much-talked-about series on cities, has been out of print for quite some time now. High time, therefore, to devote a new book to the creative and frivolous city of lights that is so dear to him. In this Paris Revisited, he presents an up-to-date picture of the atmosphere that Paris exudes today and tomorrow.

The Legendary DC-3 – Around the World


Exactly seventy-seven years to the day since its first flight. Between March and September 2017, the DC-3 HB-IRJ undertook a great world tour. A new accomplishment for this legendary airplane that has marked the history of aviation forever. Highlights of this epic journey have been captured in stunning images by world-renowned aviation photographer Katsuhiko Tokunaga. You will find a fine selection of these superb photographs in this book, commented by the protagonists of this incredible adventure.

The Picture of Dorya Glenn


A photographer stalks a writer after he heavily distorts and manipulates her portrait. Like a paparazzo, he lurks in wait. He records every detail of her daily life with his camera while she writes the sci-fi story that is published in this book. But above all he wants to know what impact the image manipulation has on her psyche. With inevitable consequences for both of them.

Les Lunda – The Lunda – République Démocratique du Congo – Democratic Republic of the Congo


The Lunda are a dignified people. Powerful, brave, proud and loyal to the traditions of their ancestors. The Lunda were one of the most respected and successful civilisations in central Africa from the 18th to the mid-19th century, but even in the 21st century their culture and traditions remain vital and relevant.

Sights and scenes of Japan


Japan is a country with a unique and somewhat mysterious culture. It is a country that attracts but is also difficult to fathom. It is a proud nation with great individuality, but also a land of unprecedented diversity and contrasts. Age-old traditions are cherished, but the most advanced technologies and the latest gadgets are equally praised.

Exquisite Venues of London


From illustrious superclubs to more intimate lounge bars, London has an unprecedented array of glamorous and sophisticated nightlife venues to offer. Whether you’re looking for a hardcore night of clubbing, an endless dance rave or something more relaxed, away from the neon glow and disco balls, the city will never disappoint.

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