Sights and scenes of Japan


Japan is a country with a unique and somewhat mysterious culture. It is a country that attracts but is also difficult to fathom. It is a proud nation with great individuality, but also a land of unprecedented diversity and contrasts. Age-old traditions are cherished, but the most advanced technologies and the latest gadgets are equally praised.

Exquisite Venues of London


From illustrious superclubs to more intimate lounge bars, London has an unprecedented array of glamorous and sophisticated nightlife venues to offer. Whether you’re looking for a hardcore night of clubbing, an endless dance rave or something more relaxed, away from the neon glow and disco balls, the city will never disappoint.

Sur les pistes du Congo – Congo on the road


Angelo Turconi, traveller and photographer in Africa, takes us to the heart of central Africa in Sur les pistes du Congo. It is the result of special impressions and unforgettable encounters: the head of the Yaka in ceremonial outfit, the leader of the Pende and Chokwe beautifully dressed, the king of Lunda on his throne, a rare family portrait of the Kitawala…

Lucille Feremans. Watch Me


Watch Me is an overview of more than four decades of Lucille Feremans’ photographic oeuvre. The collection not only shows the most memorable images from her richly filled international career, but also gives us a glimpse into her creative process and artistic language. Intriguing photographs from successful exhibitions such as Velata, Talking Hats, Polaroid Works and Body Visions are brought together and interspersed with never-before-seen images from Lucille’s studio or made during master classes abroad.



Fabien Raes is no stranger to the art world. After having tasted painting for a while, his career quickly evolved towards his true passion, photography. Initially, he was mainly involved in reportage photography, which resulted in worldwide reportages about South Africa, South and Central America, Africa and China, among others.

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