Lucille Feremans. Watch Me

Watch Me is an overview of more than four decades of Lucille Feremans’ photographic oeuvre. The collection not only shows the most memorable images from her richly filled international career, but also gives us a glimpse into her creative process and artistic language. Intriguing photographs from successful exhibitions such as Velata, Talking Hats, Polaroid Works and Body Visions are brought together and interspersed with never-before-seen images from Lucille’s studio or made during master classes abroad.

, , 978-90-5856-496-2

Feremans tries to capture the power and beauty – in the broadest sense of the word – of the human body in a snapshot. And whether she photographs in black and white or in colour, she always succeeds in giving her images a hint of mystery and a seductive unpredictability.

Essays by international experts shed a special light on Lucille Feremans’ fascinating art and its perception.