Grassroots upgraded. Reflections on Nairobi Eastlands.

Photography has flown over the history of Africa without ever really gaining a foothold in the imaginations of creative minds on the continent.


This book collection, under the title Africalia Editions [photo], has the ambition to fill that void by opening up the oeuvre of contemporary photographers from Africa. For Grassroots upgraded, twenty members of the collective ‘Slum-TV’ have chosen the LOMO camera as a medium to introduce themselves.

The project is not a development project, but rather looks at the world of development work from an ironic point of view, a point of view that is reflected in the title of the book and in the politically incorrect name of the collective. While the approach is conceptual and political, the choice of medium is primarily aesthetic. The LOMO camera is considered a rather ‘chaotic’ medium, which is based on chance and often produces a blurred result. With these photographs, Slum-TV transcends the stereotypes that have shaped our representation of Africa.