Ethiopia – Footsteps in dust and gold

Ethiopia is a stunning and mysterious country. Its rich nature, culture and history, linked to both the Western and Islamic worlds, leaves no one unmoved.

, 978-90-5856-479-5

Ethiopia is the land of coffee, khat, of the majestic Blue Nile, the many stories and traditions… But Ethiopia is also modernising and changing, not only in material terms (technology, infrastructure) or education, but also in terms of mentality.

The great wealth and diversity of population groups, landscapes, cultures and traditions are the driving force behind this. Ethiopians are proud, friendly and religious in the broadest sense of the word. Religion is therefore an overarching factor that provides harmony and, above all, hope. The rich culture, the fascinating traditions and breathtaking landscapes are the comprehensive terrain covered in this book.

‘Ethiopia. Footsteps in Dust and Gold’ shows the beauty and unexpected facets of this fascinating African country.