Sur les pistes du Congo – Congo on the road

Angelo Turconi, traveller and photographer in Africa, takes us to the heart of central Africa in Sur les pistes du Congo. It is the result of special impressions and unforgettable encounters: the head of the Yaka in ceremonial outfit, the leader of the Pende and Chokwe beautifully dressed, the king of Lunda on his throne, a rare family portrait of the Kitawala…


With the same respect and loving gaze of a man who knows the country inside out, Turconi also documents the many facets of everyday life. We see life as it is, colourful and diverse, with small edges and big obstacles, but above all the optimism, the charm and the endless creativity of the people remain. The tranquil landscapes are like poetic scenes. They intrigue, delight, make you dream or look back nostalgically.