Guarda la Fotografia


Filip Naudts (1968) started his career as a set photographer with the Flemish public broadcaster VRT (then BRTN). After that, he worked as a photo documentalist at the Antwerp FotoMuseum (1992-2001) and as a photo critic for the Dutch photo magazine FOTO (2001-2006). But since the founding of his photo studio GUARDA LA FOTOGRAFIA (1993) and his solo exhibition at the National Technological Museum of the Czech Republic in Prague (2000), Naudts has also become less and less indispensable in the contemporary photography scene as a photographer. He is steadily making his mark on the market. Yet it is only in 2006 that he considers the foundation strong enough to build a career as a full-time artistic portrait and press photographer.
Whether he creates his own work for exhibitions or photographs commissioned by popular Flemish magazines such as P-Magazine, Ché and Knack, in both cases Filip Naudts is fascinated by both the depiction of beauty and its relativity. Humour as the ultimate weapon.