Floral art

Eddie Zaratsian. Custom Florals and Lifestyle.


Florist Eddie Zaratsian has built an impeccable reputation at the helm of his shop Tic-Toc Couture Florals. With the launch of his new brand Eddie Zaratsian, Custom Florals and Lifestyle, he wants to go one step further. No longer just a flower shop, but a real design house, with the knowledge and expertise to take on the styling of any project from start to finish.

Floral Art


Sergey Karpunin is a man of many talents. His floral art, collected for the first time in a monograph, ranges from traditional, natural designs to refined symmetrical arrangements and floral Pop Art.

Exuberant Floral Art


Waterlily Pond, the floral design studio of Natasha Lisitsa, is aimed at those who want to make a unique aesthetic statement. Eastern and Western principles are successfully mixed into innovative and custom-made floral art.

Christmas Arrangements


Daniel Santamaria’s Christmas creations combine unexpected colours and quirky materials to create unique, festive eye-catchers. Far away from the over-the-top Christmas kitsch, Santamaria creates a personal universe full of new, original ‘evergreens’ for the winter holidays: atmospheric table pieces, sturdy ornaments, special interior elements and other alternatives for the obligatory Christmas tree.

Life 3 – Flower Moments


2012 will be an important milestone for Life3, the partnership of florists Per Benjamin, Tomas De Bruyne and Max van de Sluis. 10 years of successful cooperation and 11 books later, it is time for a festive look back at the past decade, a look back with a touch of nostalgia but also with fresh energy – the best proof that this jubilee is not an end but rather the beginning of a new era.

Tokyo Flowers


Faithful to their three basic principles – beauty, purity and quality – Japanese YouKaEn has gone from being a relatively small, unknown company to one of the major players in inventive and creative floral work. There is no doubt that beauty lies hidden in every flower, but it is the task of the designer to transcend that inherent beauty and create an object that combines the best of nature and imagination; a creation that is pure, refined and graceful.

My Ikebana


Marcel Vrignaud can rightly be called a European Ikebana pioneer. After studying for three and a half years in Nagoya, Japan, Vrignaud founded his own Ikebana Floral Art Centre in Paris, where he is still one of the permanent professors. With a wide variety of nationalities in his training centre, Marcel Vrignaud’s style and vision is spread worldwide and the less popular Ohara style is revived every time. Readers will find in My Ikebana a reflection of the fantastic creations of this Ohara master, arranged with a multitude of plants, collected during the different seasons, in original combinations, unusual vases and bowls and in all known and less known Ohara bouquet styles: moribana, heika, landscape, rimpa, bunjin, morimono, freestyle, ikebana sculpture, micro ikebana,…

Contemporary Floral Art


That Japan is synonymous with refinement and minimalism is proven by the work of floral designer Yuko Takagi. The subtlety of her finely crafted creations, which are composed with care and precision, displays the same aesthetics as traditional Ikebana art.

David Ragg. Monograph.


As a third-generation florist, British designer David Ragg was raised to love flowers and developed a special sense of aesthetics at an early age. His vision of floral design is simple and straightforward, but extremely effective.

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