Life 3 – Flower Moments

2012 will be an important milestone for Life3, the partnership of florists Per Benjamin, Tomas De Bruyne and Max van de Sluis. 10 years of successful cooperation and 11 books later, it is time for a festive look back at the past decade, a look back with a touch of nostalgia but also with fresh energy – the best proof that this jubilee is not an end but rather the beginning of a new era.

, , 978-90-5856-413-9

Flower Moments. Ten Years of Inspiration is a best of, a compilation of the various Life3 books, supplemented with new and original work. Tomas, Per and Max once again show their best side, with works in their own distinctive style and in different categories: original table pieces, colourful eye-catchers for the home, surprising bouquets, Christmas creations and work for other festive occasions. Life3 not only wants to inspire, but also to share their creativity, trendy concepts and experiences with colleagues and lovers of floral art all over the world.