Eddie Zaratsian. Custom Florals and Lifestyle.

Florist Eddie Zaratsian has built an impeccable reputation at the helm of his shop Tic-Toc Couture Florals. With the launch of his new brand Eddie Zaratsian, Custom Florals and Lifestyle, he wants to go one step further. No longer just a flower shop, but a real design house, with the knowledge and expertise to take on the styling of any project from start to finish.


Zaratsian is ambitious, taking the ordinary to an extraordinary level is his goal. And that he succeeds in this is proven by the loyal circle of celebrities and fashion houses that Zaratsian can count among his regular clients. The advertising and entertainment industries are also increasingly calling on his skills. His refined aesthetics and innovative vision result in designs and floral installations that are natural, architectural and sophisticated. This first monograph, the designer’s personal portfolio and a cross-section of his floral universe, are nothing but masterpieces, underlining the designer’s personality and versatile talent.