Tokyo Flowers

Faithful to their three basic principles – beauty, purity and quality – Japanese YouKaEn has gone from being a relatively small, unknown company to one of the major players in inventive and creative floral work. There is no doubt that beauty lies hidden in every flower, but it is the task of the designer to transcend that inherent beauty and create an object that combines the best of nature and imagination; a creation that is pure, refined and graceful.


Yuji Kobayashi (°1963), chief designer and executive manager of YouKaEn, needs no words to put this vision into practice. His work speaks for itself. A flawless technique and the choice of only the best materials result in floral art that flirts with perfection. His compositions united in this publication excel in symmetry. Square, round, triangular and cylindrical creations are carefully thought out and sketched on paper before being converted into plant material. Enter the mind of this exceptional artist and be amazed.