Congo Revisited

For more than 50 years, Angelo Turconi has been obsessed and bitten by the Democratic Republic of Congo. Even today, the passionate photographer continues to document the territory and the daily lives of the Congolese with equal enthusiasm.

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Thanks to photographs of craftsmen, farmers, transporters and market vendors, we get a unique picture of the social and economic organisation of this Central African people. His curiosity is particularly aroused by Congo’s still-vibrant cultural heritage and its arts and crafts. His photographs testify to the power of ancient ceremonies and the excitement that popular celebrations still generate. They reveal at the same time the still intact prestige of the traditional leaders and the undiminished attraction of the ancient cults. In this spectacle, Angelo Turconi is not just a witness, but a guardian of knowledge, an archivist, a historian of images. His photographs take us to a fascinating world that is equally contemporary, but where traditions and magic – not yet diluted by the globalisation of culture – are still alive and well.