Paris Revisited

Les Brasseries de Paris, the first volume in Henk van Cauwenbergh’s much-talked-about series on cities, has been out of print for quite some time now. High time, therefore, to devote a new book to the creative and frivolous city of lights that is so dear to him. In this Paris Revisited, he presents an up-to-date picture of the atmosphere that Paris exudes today and tomorrow.


In Paris Revisited Henk van Cauwenbergh captures the creativity and frivolous ambiance of the French metropolis and its new places to dine and wine. Flemish actress Lize Feryn plays a leading role in his story and Charles Aznavour, Pierre Arditi and Vogue icon Irène Silvagni guide the reader through a surprisingly different Paris. Each of the brasseries and top restaurants is extensively portrayed with attention to its authenticity. The images are counteracted with stylish shots of the city’s most iconic vistas.