Settle In – An architectural journey by Vittorio Simoni

Architect Vittorio Simoni is a passionate traveller. He does not travel just to see the work of colleagues or to admire architectural highlights. For him, travelling is the perfect opportunity to sharpen his vision, to question what he sees on his retina in a form of wonderment.

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The photo selection of ‘Settle in’ follows the architect’s line of sight. The urge to admire the tactility of making, the search for authenticity and pleasure, combined with mastery of colour and form, radiates from these photographs. They are impressions of a travelling man who is open to that which is admirable. He shows us his searching, a process that transcends purely aesthetic pleasure. He wants to fix the questioning of the unexpected with which he is confronted in an image. Which man made this? Did he determine the colour? To what extent has he himself been responsible for form or situation? Why is something vulgar or aesthetic? Why did man create such a thing? It is this instinctive greed to record what is stimulating that Simoni needs in order to re-energise himself, to search in his projects for the essence and the right detail.

Vittorio Simoni (°1954, Genk) is one of the leading architects and interior architects in Belgium. In 1987, he set up his own office in Hasselt. Simoni’s oeuvre is remarkably diverse and, in addition to private residences, it also includes public buildings, commercial establishments, hotels, luxury resorts, museums and restaurants. Simoni Architects is active not only in Belgium, but also in Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Dubai, Japan, Bangkok, Curaçao and Indonesia. In addition to his work as an architect, Vittorio Simoni is a professor at Hasselt University.