Bouquets – With how-to tutorials


Bouquets is the new book in Laura Dowling’s inspiring ‘how-to’ series and builds on the premise of her successful first book Floral Diplomacy in the White House (2016), namely the idea that flowers have the power to change the way people think and feel and to create powerful emotional connections – with nature and with others, with our past and with our desires for the future.



The Swedish top florist Per Benjamin won the Swedish championships in 1997, the Scandinavian championships in 2000 and became the world champion in floral art in spring 2002.

Pia Burrick – Lines and Light


Pia Burrick’s work is not coquettish, but narrative. Stories and images that touch, move and sometimes disturb. It can be divided into applied and free work. Applied, made to order for the interior and to complement existing elements. Creations, mainly stained glass in the traditional technique but with a contemporary design and above all in harmony with the space.

Paris Revisited


Les Brasseries de Paris, the first volume in Henk van Cauwenbergh’s much-talked-about series on cities, has been out of print for quite some time now. High time, therefore, to devote a new book to the creative and frivolous city of lights that is so dear to him. In this Paris Revisited, he presents an up-to-date picture of the atmosphere that Paris exudes today and tomorrow.

Botanical Metamorphosis


Japanese Hideyuki Niwa grew up surrounded by flowers. Familiar from an early age with their qualities, vulnerabilities and potential, a career as a floral designer was a logical next step. At the age of 20, he graduated from Tokyo’s Flower College, which immediately opened doors at Kamon Flower Gate Co Ltd; a rich and fertile working environment where his talent only sharpened.

The Legendary DC-3 – Around the World


Exactly seventy-seven years to the day since its first flight. Between March and September 2017, the DC-3 HB-IRJ undertook a great world tour. A new accomplishment for this legendary airplane that has marked the history of aviation forever. Highlights of this epic journey have been captured in stunning images by world-renowned aviation photographer Katsuhiko Tokunaga. You will find a fine selection of these superb photographs in this book, commented by the protagonists of this incredible adventure.

The Wreath


For Japanese floral artist Manabu Hashiguchi, the wreath is not only the favourite form of expression, but also the most expressive. Its symbolism is universal. Without beginning or end, the wreath stands for eternity and the endless process of renewal in nature.

Art and the sacred in Mumuyeland


Despite some field research, our knowledge of the sacred among the Mumuye remains embryonic. In all these acephalous groups with a binary and antinomic character, the va complex constitutes a highly varied semantic field in which certain aspects are accentuated according to the circumstances. Religious power is linked to the force contained in sacred objects of which only the elders are the guardians.

Triënnale Brugge 2018 – Liquid City


From 5 May to 16 September 2018, Bruges will form the backdrop to the second edition of the Triennial, an art trail in the heart of the historic city. With the theme Liquid City, the Triennial aims to investigate the role of a city like Bruges in a globalised and changing world. With their artistic and architectural installations, the participants in Triennial Bruges 2018 | Liquid City create welcoming public spaces in the city centre. These temporary interventions at less well-known and iconic places in the historic cityscape offer opportunities for wonder, encounter and dialogue.

The World of Colour according to Per Benjamin


In the past ten years, Swedish floral designer Per Benjamin has developed his own colour theory for florists. The World of Colour according to Per Benjamin is an educational, entertaining and inspirational book in which Per Benjamin explains his colour theory in detail, both in theory and in practice. The photographs are a mix of studio work, outdoor arrangements and impressive pieces created for the decoration of events such as the Nobel Prize presentation. Taken together, they are the perfect illustration of the inexhaustible possibilities with colour and provide the florist with a perfect guide to easily put together a harmonious palette.

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