The Picture of Dorya Glenn


A photographer stalks a writer after he heavily distorts and manipulates her portrait. Like a paparazzo, he lurks in wait. He records every detail of her daily life with his camera while she writes the sci-fi story that is published in this book. But above all he wants to know what impact the image manipulation has on her psyche. With inevitable consequences for both of them.

Les Lunda – The Lunda – République Démocratique du Congo – Democratic Republic of the Congo


The Lunda are a dignified people. Powerful, brave, proud and loyal to the traditions of their ancestors. The Lunda were one of the most respected and successful civilisations in central Africa from the 18th to the mid-19th century, but even in the 21st century their culture and traditions remain vital and relevant.

Inked & Blossom


French floral artist Sarah Willemart grew up surrounded by flowers and developed a great interest in floral design from an early age. The art of tattooing in its most diverse forms is a more recent passion.

Sights and scenes of Japan


Japan is a country with a unique and somewhat mysterious culture. It is a country that attracts but is also difficult to fathom. It is a proud nation with great individuality, but also a land of unprecedented diversity and contrasts. Age-old traditions are cherished, but the most advanced technologies and the latest gadgets are equally praised.

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