Pia Burrick – Lines and Light

Pia Burrick’s work is not coquettish, but narrative. Stories and images that touch, move and sometimes disturb. It can be divided into applied and free work. Applied, made to order for the interior and to complement existing elements. Creations, mainly stained glass in the traditional technique but with a contemporary design and above all in harmony with the space.

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Her free work is looser, sober and powerful. Her work in which she plays on the boundary between figuration and abstraction is strong. Moreover, the glass offers her the possibility to work on both sides, opaque and transparent, projecting or reflecting, with or without colour. She works with pure glass or with stained glass, uses lead or lead sheet… The theme determines the technique. Very often self-made photos or newspaper clippings are the basis, often also stills from television. Every image that comes along and sticks, is hung in the studio where it gets its definitive form after a while. Pia Burrick is an artistic personality who has found her most expressive form of expression in glass art.

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