De Blik van Bruegel / Bruegel’s Eye – Reconstructie van het landschap / Reconstructing the landscape

In 2019, it will be 450 years since Pieter Bruegel the Elder died. The world-famous painter lived in Brussels and came to the Pajottenland to paint and find inspiration.

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Dilbeek celebrates this with an open-air exhibition featuring interventions by internationally renowned artists and designers. The exhibition catapults Bruegel into the 21st century. The spectator follows the painter’s gaze as he creates his imposing landscape paintings. The chapel of Sint-Anna-Pede and the watermill of Sint-Gertrudis-Pede, two monuments painted by Bruegel, are the starting point and resting point for a walk along fifteen installations. Fifteen artists, designers and architects will trace a path through the landscape that inspired Bruegel. They make pavilions, buildings, plantations, landscape figures, a story, an installation… They do something with the place, play with the perception of the space, disorientate or help to focus the attention. They often create new, unexpected environments.

With work by Rotor, Filip Dujardin, Koen van den Broek, Erik Dhont, Office KGDVS & Bas Pincen, Bas Smets, Lois Weinberger, Landinzicht, Guillaume Bijl, Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, Futurefarmers, Georges Rousse and Josse De Pauw.