Once upon a Castle – Discover my secrets

Once upon a time… A castle. That’s about how the intriguing fairy tale created by British theatre company and artists’ collective WildWorks around Gaasbeek Castle and its most imaginative inhabitants begins. But is it really a fairy tale?

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WildWorks is not a classical theatre company: they work with and on a certain place. The company travelled to Gaasbeek and soaked up the atmosphere, looked around, talked to various people and dug up the archives. They processed all the impressions they gained into theatrical installations that attempt to lay bare the soul of the castle. With colours and scents, sounds and objects and performers, they immerse the visitor in a world between history and fantasy. Extra dimensions are added to this world by Tim Van Steenbergen’s costumes and Jeroen D’hoe’s music.

This book explains the special approach of WildWorks extensively and above all gives, through dozens of photos, a brilliant image of their wonderful creation in Gaasbeek.