Félicien Rops Museum. Guide


Félicien Rops (Namur, 1833 – Paris, 1898) was a man with a tendency to break away. His life and creative activity were guided by his passions, his audacity and his torments. Through his art, he denounced the hypocrisy of the middle class while breaking the taboos of his time, celebrating eroticism, women, desire, the macabre and adventure. An artist who cannot be categorised but who was innovative, unsettling and long condemned in his home city, Rops continues to fascinate and question modern-day visitors.

The Félicien Rops Museum (Province of Namur), which since 1987 has been housed in a 19th-century middle-class house at the heart of Old Namur, holds over 3,000 of the artist’s works, of which almost 300 are on display. This guide unveils Rops’ major works and immerses the reader in the fin-de-siècle atmosphere.


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