Yamazato Kaiseki Cuisine (English edition)

In this unique edition, Akira Oshima tells the story of the one and only Japanese kaiseki kitchen, richly illustrated and of course with dozens of delicious dishes. Kaiseki, authentic Japanese cuisine has become, thanks to the magnificent contributions of specialists Patrick Faas and Katarzyna Cwiertka, a truly unique reference work for all those who wish to discover the soul and art of Japanese cuisine.

, , 978-90-5856-111-4

Akira Oshima, chef of the Yamazato restaurant in Hotel Okura, is the only Japanese chef in Europe to have a Michelin star. His cuisine distinguishes itself from ‘ordinary’ Japanese sushi cuisine through its originality and authenticity. Kaiseki cuisine is based on a tradition of hundreds of years and contains a lot of symbolism and rituals. All dishes and recipes in kaiseki cuisine are made in function of celebrations or important moments throughout the year.