Jewelbook. International Annual of Contemporary Jewel Art 12|13

Contemporary jewellery design is undoubtedly the result of thousands of years of craftsmanship, tradition and research. Contemporary jewellers still use the same precious metals and gemstones as their predecessors, but continue to experiment with techniques, innovate with new materials and create their own unique concepts.


Jewelbook is an international project that collects contemporary jewellery design from the world’s best and most progressive jewelers. Jewelbook aims not only to showcase innovation and unique creations, but also to promote jewellery design as an expression of contemporary culture. 540 dazzling creations, selected by an international jury of jewellery designers and design specialists, are collected in the book.

Jewelbook will undoubtedly become an important international reference work in the field of decorative arts, a tool to make jewellers even more aware of what is going on internationally and to encourage the exchange of ideas and techniques.