PLANT FEVER towards a Phyto-centred Design

Can design help us change our perspective and reveal their potential as allies?

, 978-90-5856-657-7

For centuries, our inherent alienation from nature
has prevented us from truly seeing plants and understanding them as more than simple materials or decorative objects. In recent years, however, new scientific discoveries and philosophical approaches have reshaped our relationship with plants. The dualism between man and nature, so firmly rooted in Western thinking, has been increasingly questioned.
Following the belief of the American ecologist Ian Baldwin that we should try to think like plants, designers, scientists and engineers began to study the structures and behaviour of plants. Plants became allies in the search for solutions to present and future social and environmental problems.
Plant Fever wants to look at the future of design from this new plant perspective, evolving from human-centred design to phytodesign in which the plant world is central.

With contributions from Emanuele Coccia, Carole Collet, dach&zephir, Quentin Hiernaux, Overmind, Marie Pok, Catriona A. H. Sandilands, Ana Silva, Penny Sparke and Trajna collective.

Bilingual edition: French/English

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