Interior One

Francois Hannes is passionate and driven by beauty. He loves the good Burgundian life. The tranquillity of a landscape, nature, but also the dynamics of a metropolis inspire and excite him. It is not the in-between that he seeks, but the extremes.


These ingredients are reflected in his work. His designs are well-considered, serene and flow naturally into one another. However, there is never a lack of exciting or daring details, which ensure that the interiors have a unique character. Hannes’ style of working and designing is appreciated by an ever-increasing group of people nationally and internationally. His creativity, no-nonsense attitude, passion and his architectural insight make him a designer of high quality. Hannes designs and realises interiors in which good living, enjoyment and comfort are the highest values. Interior One gives you a glimpse of some of Francois Hannes’ finest projects.