Restaurant Design.

If you Google the name Lieven Musschoot, you will read several times that the interior architect from Knok does not consider the ego of the designer to be important. Lieven Musschoot does not impose himself; on the contrary, he is a good listener, picking up on the smallest details and only translating his own vision after a careful reading of the wishes and desires. Musschoot designs total concepts, whereby he not only arranges the space, designs the furniture and the wall coverings, but even designs the type of bread baskets and table nappies. Those who work with him choose all or nothing.


Graduating with great distinction, however, his career did not run smoothly. The practice after his studies did not turn out the way he had imagined. For better or worse, Lieven went to work in the hotel and catering industry. Out of necessity, because what Musschoot had been trained for was not yet taken seriously. Strangely enough, it was his work in the catering industry that would lead to his later breakthrough. Impressed by the design of a jewellery shop in the centre of Bruges, none other than Sergio Herman contacted the designer. Lieven Musschoot drew the distinctive design of Pure C and the interior of Oud Sluis, and closer to home he also designed the interior for several leading restaurants such as Restaurant Lieven, Barsalon Rock-Fort, Tête Pressée, Escabèche (Knokke),… And in 2012 the order book is already well-filled with three restaurants, a disco, two flats, two houses and a dentist’s practice planned.