Some thing, some things, some thinking about dmvA

Under the label ‘styleless’, dmvA makes every possible style its own. In this way, the office immediately removes every limitation and at the same time supports the concept that timeless architecture does not exist. They act as scenario writers, transforming the programme into a screenplay, spaces into sequences and allowing the building to tell a different story every time. They are no mathematical theorists, but designers driven by emotion, commitment, art and sex, resulting in a plastic, thoroughly detailed architecture in which maximalism is achieved in a minimalist manner.


Young Belgian architects display an innovative view of architecture. The ‘older’ generation that, in an explosive economy, had to rely on an infinite admiration for proportion studies, detailing and ‘minimalism’ is making way for a generation that has both feet firmly on the ground and acts more as a pragmatic service provider. Lower budgets force them to approach projects with a fresh look. David Driesen and Tom Verschueren of the dmvA bureau in Mechelen look at architecture as part of everyday life.