Danny Venlet – Interior Architect & Designer

Danny Venlet (°1958, Victoria, Australia) is one of the world’s best and most promising designers; yet his work is a well-kept secret in the design world. This is partly due to the fact that Venlet has worked and lived in two different worlds (Australia and Belgium), but is also explained by the essence of his personality and work – modest, prone to understatement, and relaxed.


Although Venlet is generally regarded as the inventor of a ’rounded’, rather ‘organic’ and ‘human’ minimalism, he does not confine himself to a single style as a designer and interior architect. A comprehensive overview of a 20-year career, which not only revolutionised the world of office, outdoor and residential furniture (with award-winning creations such as the ‘Easy Rider’ and the ‘Viteo’ shower), but also introduced a totally new concept of interior architecture, in which objects and users are no longer dominated by the space, but vice versa.