Land of Hope. Embracing the Change


In a world characterized by the undeniable reality of climate change, biodiversity loss and increasing inequality, there is an urgent need for a transition to a sustainable system. Compiled by Professor Cathy Macharis, this book brings together experts who identify where current systems are reaching their limits and highlight potential solutions. The sectors of mobility, energy, food, economy and construction are all areas that require urgent transformation. Additionally, in the areas of governance and education, we also encounter limitations. For each of these seven sectors, an expert provides insight through a short essay, outlining both the issues and possible solutions. Subsequently, sustainable solutions that already exist today are presented through various stories of pioneers.


The book concludes with an inspiring tour of the Land of Hope, a vision created by students that illustrates what a better world could look like. This book is a beacon of hope and an invitation to imagine and work towards a brighter future for our planet. Now more than ever, it is time to dream and take action towards creating a sustainable world for all.


26 x 21 cm
112 pages, hard cover