Albert Niemeyer has been making his way in the Dutch art world in his own unique way for more than thirty years. Fascinated by the unlimited freedom of expression in the work of Van Gogh, Dalí, Chagall, Picasso and Karel Appel, Niemeyer paints his characters sometimes with a photographic realism, sometimes with an abstract expressionist or with a hint of cubism and futurism.

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Freedom is a concept to which Albert attaches great importance, not only in terms of style and subject matter, but also in his own artistic development. When the demand for Niemeyer’s works exploded in the 1980s and his creations found their way into both private and company collections, the artist remained true to himself and his ideals. His aim is to bring timeless quality. Creativity prevails. It typifies Niemeyer as an artist: self-willed, sincere, penetrating, expressive, inquisitive and always developing.