Related Forms

Hilde Van de Walle is described in art circles as a multidisciplinary artist. Over a period of 30 years, she has amassed an extensive and highly appreciated oeuvre of prints, paintings, ceramics and monumental bronze.

, 9789058565891

She investigates the mystery behind man and wants to achieve maximum expressiveness with her images with as little indication as possible. Her images are a stationary fraction of a movement in which the viewer can question or fill in the preceding or following action. Her imagery is idiosyncratic; she disrupts the usual anatomy to create her own proportions. Parts of the body are deliberately eliminated to a pure form of expression. Their modest charisma stimulates a dialogue with the environment and the viewer. The remaining space between the sculptures is not a void but resonates as a sounding board of an intangible power of expression. Rendering the intangible in an image remains her passionate quest.