Katrin Dekoninck is an all-round artist who portrays man in all his honesty and solitude. She moves the viewer in a penetrating way in various disciplines.

, 9789058565730

Although the emphasis in that book is on her life-size sculptures in clay, she is also skilled in drawing, painting and handmade animations. Her technical strength ensures that her sculptures breathe. With serenity and simplicity, she gives shape to the searching human being, in which themes such as identity and the passing of time are inextricably linked to the poetry of Steven Van Der Heyden. With words, he tries to leave the door ajar on the way to dialogue and anchoring. He wrote his poems in interaction with Katrin’s images. They are his source of inspiration. Together, they create a meeting in word and image. The story of this fascinating encounter was beautifully captured by photographer Stef De Belder.