Floral Art

The periodical publication International Floral Art, published by Stichting Kunstboek, not only offers a platform for new and inspiring floral trends and often spectacular designs, but is also a barometer for the innovation in floral art within each specific country. With more than 50 compositions judged worthy of publication by the international jury, the Russian avant-garde was particularly well represented in the 2008-2009 edition.


Zhanna Semenova, who was awarded the Golden Leaf by the jury, is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding representatives of this ambitious group. Her designs show almost unimaginable craftsmanship, boundless dedication and a very special personality. This young talent, who knows how to combine technique and creativity in a magnificent way, will undoubtedly become one of the leading ladies of floral art in the coming decade. Should you doubt this, there is this very handsome monograph with the equally simple and appropriate title Floral Art. An exceptional discovery.