Orchid. The fatal attraction

In this publication, author Anne Ronse describes everything the orchid has ever stood for throughout history. Its seductive powers not only lure growers. Writers, scientists and adventurers also fall for the appeal of this fascinating flower.


The history of the orchid is teeming with stories of seduction and passion. This publication combines beautiful photos with surprising and informative texts about the orchid.

The first part of the book recounts the discovery of orchids throughout history and describes the way orchids are perceived by people. In the East, positive attributes, grace and nobility were especially emphasised. In the West, orchids were primarily a symbol of procreation and sex, and at certain times were associated with negative attributes. In the second part, orchids are described in a slightly more ‘neutral’ way. The construction and structure of orchid flowers is placed in a functional context, i.e. why are orchids the way they are? Why those amazingly complex shapes? Why those fantastic colours?