The first comprehensive publication in Dutch on the winter flowering plant Helleborus. The early flowering of Helleborus in a spectrum of colours makes it a welcome guest in the garden of every plant lover.

, 978-90-5856-154-1

Helleborus is a voyage of discovery in the wealth of colours of this plant: yellow, white, pink and blue varieties, but also white with a pink edge, yellow with an orange heart, pink with pink stamens. In his introduction, Harry van Trier gives an insight into the different types of Helleborus. Where does Helleborus come from? What does the plant look like? Hanneke van Dijk takes the reader back to the garden and tells more about care, diseases and possible plant combinations. The reader is also introduced to three prominent growers of this early-flowering plant: Hans Kramer (Nursery De Hessenhof, Ede, NL), Thierry Van Paemel (Het Wilgenbroek, Oostkamp, B) and Koen Van Poucke (Sint-Niklaas, B). Their love for this plant, their search for new colours and their vision of the future make up a fascinating story.