A book about all aspects of bamboo! Bamboo is increasingly finding its way into the garden. It is a plant that appeals to the imagination because of its appearance and origin. Yet it also scares some. Is it really an invasive plant and what about the mysterious flowering of bamboo?

, 978-90-5856-146-6

Bambuseae takes you to the origin of the plant and shows you the types of bamboo that belong in your garden. Beautiful gardens with bamboo illustrate the applications. Jos van der Palen tells you more about Fargesias, Wolfgang Eberts about Phyllostachys and the Crouzet family about La Bambouseraie park. International experts also shed light on a number of important ecological aspects of bamboo. You will also be given an insight into the various forms of bamboo cultivation and specifically into biotechnological techniques. Jan Oprins has been collecting bamboo for fifteen years. His fascination for this plant led to its propagation through tissue culture. At the moment Oprins Plant, with its in-vitro laboratory for bamboo, is first in the world. Finally, the book shows and tells you the other facets of bamboo. Bamboo is more than just a plant: it is also a building material, an ingredient in the kitchen, an element in floral compositions.