Floral Diplomacy at the White House

Fifteen years ago Laura Dowling made a radical career change. A visit to Paris and introduction to the French style of flower arrangement was a first but significant step towards a future as a florist.


She learned the basics of the floral art from some Parisian master-binders and perfected her skills under master Gregor Lersch. Meanwhile, she ran a small floral studio from her basement. Her perseverance and passion eventually brought her to the White House, where she was Chief Floral Designer from 2009 to 2015. She brought a breath of fresh air, not only in terms of the artless new ‘garden style’ of floral design, but her idea of using flowers as a strategic tool to convey diplomatic, symbolic and political messages was revolutionary. Since 2015, Laura has been involved in event design and consulting, travelling the world to share her unique vision and her signature ‘garden style’, but most of all to inspire others with her personal success story.