Ikebana inspired by Emotions

Just as painters can put their deepest thoughts on canvas with colour, touch, line and shape, Ikebana artists colour with nature’s palette to express themselves.


kebana is sometimes accused of being a hermetic art, difficult to understand for outsiders. It is said to be an art that is purely about applying strict rules imposed from above. A lack of spontaneity and frivolity would make it a difficult to enjoy form of flower arrangement. Ikebana inspired by Emotions wants to prove the opposite and focuses on the expressive possibilities and power of expression of Ikebana. Eight carefully selected black-and-white photographs of strong, recognisable emotions form the starting point and the source of inspiration for this publication. They are interpreted in a surprising way and transformed into expressive flower arrangements. Ikebana inspired by Emotions shows how Ikebana arrangements can touch a sensitive chord and, despite the correct application of the rules and the use of carefully selected materials, evoke emotions that are recognisable to everyone.

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