Luk Van Soom – Into View

Forty years in the art world and more than fifty works in public spaces. Sculptor Luk Van Soom needs no introduction in Belgium and the Netherlands. This self-willed monograph full of photos, sources of inspiration, texts and memories highlights his life as an artist and maps out his artistic career.


For this monograph, Luk Van Soom was not only able to count on input from, but also on thinkers from other disciplines. Together, all these essays and photos form a whole that is as compelling as Van Soom’s art. Luk Van Soom took his first steps in the art world at the age of 17. More than 40 years later, he has numerous high-profile exhibitions, commissions and projects in Belgium and abroad on his record of achievements. For instance, he represented Belgium at the World Exhibition in Spain (1992) and for Beaufort (2006) he put a twelve-metre high lamp tree on the beach of Middelkerke. He has also created more than 50 monumental works in public spaces in the Netherlands and Belgium, including recognisable cityscapes such as Walhalla (1993, Antwerp), The Man from Atlantis (2003, Brussels), The Wharfinger (2005, Zwolle) and Walking to Magdalena (2012, Ostend).