Life3 – Wedding

Bridal work for the 21st century that will undoubtedly inspire many floral artists! After their very successful first edition Emotions by Life3 , the celebrated top florists Per Benjamin, Tomas De Bruyne and Max van de Sluis surprise the floral world with a new book: Wedding Emotions by Life3. Bridal work as it has never been shown before.

, , 978-90-5856-175-6

Naturally, there is plenty of attention in this wonderful album for the bridal bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres, carriage decorations and church decorations. But Life3 adds an extra dimension. The publication contains extensive reports on six special weddings, each with its own atmosphere that is made almost tangible in the book. Each of these weddings takes place in a completely different setting with a special, emotional aura: a party in the countryside, a cold white ice wedding, a romantic ceremony in a small chapel… The location and the decor determine the specific atmosphere of the Big Day. The three world-renowned floral designers of Life3 give the best of themselves in this magnificent edition, true to their own style but always innovative and original.