Paris floral interiors

Floral masterpieces in Paris, created by top florist Gilles Pothier! Gilles Pothier is without doubt the only French florist who is world-famous. He gives demonstrations in all corners of the world. Often, the most beautiful interiors of Paris form the backdrop for his majestic floral compositions.


Whether it is an opulent salon that bears witness to centuries of history or a minimalist space, Gilles Pothier creates vegetal and floral compositions in perfect harmony. Every space is a challenge for the artist, as the world of architecture and design has long fascinated him. Working in prestigious interiors is no longer an assignment, but rather a reward. In his new publication, Pothier not only allows us to discover his true masterpieces of floral art, but also situates them in extraordinary settings that have never previously been shown to the public. The creative and attentive reader will find a wealth of ideas here that he can apply to his own home.