Scenes. Thalen & Thalen

Silversmiths Rob and Jaap Thalen, who enjoy an even greater reputation in the United States if possible than in Europe, are now ready for their second book.

, , , , 978-90-5856-482-5

Jeroen Martens, director of the Zilvermuseum Sterckshof (Antwerp) describes their work as follows: It is striking how father and son Thalen excel in their knowledge of historical and contemporary silversmithing techniques. The purity and apparent simplicity of their designs make their work seem effortless. It is a testament to their excellent craftsmanship. The source of their work is their passion and love for silver. Their talent for design and their understanding of the possibilities of fine silver make the work of Thalen & Thalen so special. Their most recent work is both useful and beautifully crafted in its purity. Their designs bring silver back into everyday life. They not only make unattainable art objects, but also very accessible wine and champagne goblets, cutlery, sugar bowls…’.
This book will also be published as a catalogue to accompany an exhibition at the Zilvermuseum.