Mieke Teirlinck – Humanity Paintings

Mieke Teirlinck (Bruges, 1959) is an exceptionally driven and skilled artist. With her very own brushstroke, Mieke Teirlinck has, in 15 years’ time, built up an increasingly impressive figurative oeuvre that mainly gives shape to fragility and defencelessness.

, 9789058565570

It is often about what society prefers to keep hidden, what people prefer to turn their heads away from. Her subjects are depicted in complete isolation, without frills, without decorum. Very often it is about pain and loneliness. About bizarre beauty that we have become blind to. But under the touches of oil paint, we also regularly find humour and self-mockery. Seemingly effortlessly, she forges extremes into a symbiosis. And although she throws all frills overboard and always keeps only the core in mind, you always look at seemingly atmospheric, eye-catching scenes. You see beauty, but if you look a little longer and with a more penetrating gaze – beyond appearances – you also experience the pain that she has shaped with paint. It is this combination that makes her work so unique.