From 1 May to 1 August 2012, Brugge Plus vzw and Musea Brugge are organising an international art project called ‘Kamarama’. Curator is Kamagurka.

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At various locations, he will present work by his own hand and by others who inspire him. It will be a voyage of discovery full of remarkable art, surprising films, music, cartoons and also a good dose of humour. In the Garemijn Hall of the historical Hallen on the Markt he will be showing work by multidisciplinary artists with whom he feels akin, such as David Bade, Fred Bervoets, George Condo, René Daniëls, J.J. Grandville, George Grosz, Jeroen Henneman, Capitaine Lonchamps, Lucebert, Yves Obyn, Emile Salkin, Captain Beefheart, Wim T. Schippers, Herr Seele, Roland Topor, etc.