Contemporary Ikebana

Contemporary Ikebana shows us a state of the art of contemporary, creative Ikebana and is at the same time a deepening of the first successful book Ikebana Today. The emphasis is particularly on contemporary and innovative group work.


Ikebana teachers and their students demonstrate their creative abilities in Land Art, larger installations and smaller group works. The harmonious interplay of form, line, colour and rhythm and the symbiosis with nature are, as always, central to this traditional Japanese art form. The outdoor works in particular offer an excellent opportunity to emphasise the harmonious relationship between art and nature. Ikebana is not only a fantastic and fascinating art form, it also encourages a more contemplative and aesthetic way of looking at reality. The splendid purity and tranquil simplicity of the works is not only a valuable source of inspiration for Ikebana artists and florists, but will undoubtedly appeal to anyone with a penchant for refinement and beauty.

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