Einzigartige Floristische Meisterwerke / Unique Floral Masterpieces


30 Jahre Meistermacherin Nicole von Boletzky

Swiss Master florist Nicole von Boletzky is considered as one of the leading figures of the florist industry. Her teaching method that combines perfect execution and excellent craftsmanship with unmistakable originality is considered to be groundbreaking.

Over the past 30 years, the world-renowned florist Nicole von Boletzky successfully established several international leading institutions for floral design. Her motto: ‘a good master does not create followers, but above all new good masters’ earned her the nickname ‘Master-Maker’.

This achievement is also reflected in the impressive number of (approximately 800) successful graduates from the training centres in Zurich (Switzerland) and Innsbruck (Austria).

This book is a wonderful compilation of some of the best floral designs created by the master students of the Academy of Flowerdesign/AoF on the occasion of their Master exams. This is a festive retrospective, looking back at the impressive legacy and the many merits of Nicole von Boletzky, and a unique source of inspiration for future florists.

29 x 24 cm
288 p, hard cover
Bilingual edition: German/English

Weight 1.5 kg

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